Advisory Board of the ORCD

Dr. Nick Mawani,DrPH, MPH, RRT, CNPA, BSc

NickDr. Nick Mawani founded ORCD Canada Inc. (Non-Profit) in 2016 and co-founded ORCD Ghana in 2018. ORCD is Organization for Research and Community Development.
Dr. Nick was awarded Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal, in January 2013 for his promotion of health care and healthy living in Canada.He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa, Canada in Biological Sciences. He is also a graduate in Respiratory Therapy.
Dr. Nick received the Alberta Society of Respiratory Therapists Award for Academic Excellence as the top student in the Province of Alberta, Canada. He was elected as the Master of Public Health (MPH) student leader at the University of Liverpool, the UK in 2013.
He graduated successfully with a Master of Public Health Degree from the University of Liverpool, UK. His MPH Dissertation abstract was accepted at the European Public Health Association 7th Conference in June 2014 for poster presentation in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
Dr. Nick also received the Canada 150 Award for Community Service in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada in 2017. He inspired and helped create the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health Symposium 2018 Abstract which was selected for Panel Presentation: Health Technology Assessment: Examining Conventional, Complementary, and Traditional Approaches to Health Care.
He was appointed on the Doctor of Public Health Student Advisory Council, Walden University, USA. Dr. Nick was also appointed to the School of Health Professions Assessment Council in 2020.
Dr. Nick is currently developing an ambitious plan to create a rural hospital in Ghana.

Dr WongDr. Chun Wong
Visionary and Design Strategist for NGOs
Palm Desert, California, USA

Dr. Wong is a visionary and design strategist for NGO with special interest in public health design. He is a primary care physician for over 15 years in a market-based healthcare system in USA, and is also thoroughly familiar with socialized medicine by growing up in Canada. Dr. Wong's entire graduate and post-graduate academia are trained in Canada, USA and England. He is a well-rounded scholar that continuously pushes the limits of education and research in the field of health, environment and society. For this reason, his professional and academic accolades include several doctorates of chiropractic medicine, natural medicine, and humanitarian service, and fellow and board certification in internal medicine, integrative medicine, pediatric, acupuncture, holistic healthcare and naturopathy including a MPH in management of health systems from the University of Liverpool.
Dr. Wong's expertise is in integrating capitalism and socialism values to create sustainable organizational structure that can withstand the 'winds' of globalization. As a naturally born entrepreneur from the age of 16 years old he has been involved and excelled in multi-tier marketing, direct bureaucratic management, and personal and group coaching for motivation, performance and wellness. His charismatic and transformational leadership are addictive and has single-handed brought a 'mom-and-pop' business to a million dollar business in less than 10 years without debt obligations and is profitable since day one. Therefore, his strengths are in alignment with ORCD in "reshaping the future of communities through best practices".
Dr. Wong's achievements as a young entrepreneur are not an accident. His perseverance and courage are not the norm because he believes that each failure bring success closer. Because of his predatory behaviors, he is ready to 'pounce' on the opportunity. His great vision and the ability to see and think 'outside and inside the box' provides the expert consultancy on market, human and economic reforms. He secures vision and emerging missions, communicating 'insights' and 'outlooks' for best practices, and engineering an innovative compass for strategic placement of organization expansion and performance elevation. For example, his blog about autism received worldwide readership of over 10,000 subscribers in less than 3 years based on his strategic placement using power of social medias.
Last, Dr. Wong has an intense desire to equalize the broad social determinants of health and this attribute is in alignment with ORCD Canada mission. He has published a study about the public health impact of using volunteer health professionals in a community center to enlighten policy makers about the potential.

Dr. QudratullahDr. Qudratullah Nasrat
Dr. Qudratullah Nasrat is a Fulbright Scholar and an Afghan Medical Doctor. He has done his Masters in International Public Health from the University of Liverpool having over 12 years of working experience in different disciplines within public health by working with various national and international organizations in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
On behalf of ORCD, he is an elected member of the following forums:
1. Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) / UNOCHA
2. Co-Chair of Health Cluster / World Health Organization (WHO)
3. Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) / Global Fund
Meanwhile, he is one of the board member of White Ribbon Alliance Afghanistan that is advocating regulating for improving maternal health in Afghanistan.
He has been involved in the management of health care delivery, policy formulation and implementation, monitoring and evaluation and fundraising initiatives with several nongovernmental organizations. He has got capabilities of providing managerial and technical support to several multi-million projects worth more than USD 20 million in various parts of the country. In addition, he is also actively involved in the development of the programs.


JamesJames B. Foster
Currently studying at the University of Ottawa, James has a wide background of experience in a variety of fields. Initially writing algorithms on spec for clients, James went on to create a small fund trading bitcoins, stocks and bonds with automated trading algorithms. With D.J. McCready, James has co-lectured a course on generational differences, offering a millennial's perspective, as well as co-authored a book on economic justice and ethics, set for publication in 2017.