Emergency & Protection:

As the newest ORCD affiliate, ORCD Canada will be looking to conduct projects like these which have been undertaken by earlier affiliates.



Name of Project

IDP Profiling, Monitoring and Assistance

Amount of Funding

USD 140,000

Dates of Funding





Purpose of and objectives of the grant

The aim of this project is to support UNHCR to strengthen monitoring of displace populations in Logar, Ghazni and Maidan-Wardak Provinces. Taking this into consideration, ORCD will aim to ensure detailed assessment of IDP needs while providing early warning of new displacements and in order to meet urgent protection needs.

The ultimate goal of the project is to improve the livelihood of IDPs in the target insecure provinces. The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • Detailed assessment of IDP needs is done so that urgent protection needs could be met.
  • Regular presence is ensured and there is a system in place to provide early warning of new displacement. With the support of UNHCR, ORCD has already established a system in these provinces and will build on strengthening it.
  • Monitoring mechanism and appropriate use of UNHCR resource is ensured through robust supervision of NFI, emergency shelter and food distribution
  • Accurate information is gathered so they could be shared with all humanitarian partners through a strong information sharing mechanism


  • Mobilize qualified staff locally and build their capacity
  • Strengthen and maintain effective coordination with stakeholders at all levels
  • Involve  communities, IDP representatives, religious leaders and other respected segments of the societies where displacements have occurred
  • Facilitate establishment of provincial level IDP protection in all three provinces. Evidently, preliminary actions have already been taken by ORCD in this regard. 
  • Establish and strengthen Early Warning System for identify new displacements.
  • Proper systems for IDP needs assessment/data collection is in place and functioning
  • Robust supervision, monitoring and reporting systems is in place and functioning

Coverage area

Logar, Ghazni and MaidanWardak Provinces