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As the newest ORCD affiliate, ORCD Canada will be looking to conduct projects like these which have been undertaken by earlier affiliates.



Name of Project

Non-food items (NFI) and food items distribution in Paktika Province

Amount of Funding

USD 55,000

Dates of Funding





Purpose of and objectives of the grant

The project goal is to support UNHCR to improve the living conditions of the displaced population who have moved to Paktika province as a result of the on-going military operations in North Waziristan. Specifically, this will be done through the distribution of non-food items and food items.

In the view of this goal, the following specific outcomes will be achieved by the proposed assignment:

  • A functioning system is in place for the loading, unloading,  storage, packaging, distribution of non-food items (NFI) and food items (FI)using the database provided by UNHCR which contains verified refugees
  • Sufficient staffing and human resources are available for the distribution, monitoring of the distribution, supervision, physical distribution and security
  • The staff are fully trained on the use of database provided by UNHCR based on which the distribution will take place
  • A proper system is established for recording and registration of all distribution at household level and ensure that any missing or additional information are captured and entered into database
  • Regular communication is maintained with UNHCR relevant focal point for providing updated information.
  • Close coordination is maintained with all stakeholders at district, provincial and national level for the successful implementation of the project 


  • Recruit dedicated and qualified staff and continuously build their capacity
  • Strengthen and maintain coordination with concerned stakeholders at district and provincial levels i.e. Governor Office, District Governor, DoRR, other IPs of UNHCR, etc.
  • Collaborate and assist the profiling and assessment teams in the same target areas and ensure that the distribution takes places in collaboration with the Profiling and Monitoring teams
  • Involve communities, Refugees’ Representatives, health personnel, and other segments of the communities which are hosting refugees. This will be mainly used for disseminating necessary awareness and transmitting relevant key messages
  • Put in place proper and functioning systems for collecting additional information that might be required and enter them into the database in collaboration with the teams assigned to the profiling and assessment
  • Put in place robust supervision, monitoring, recording and reporting systems and have them shared with UNHCR on regular basis 

Coverage area

Paktika Province