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Job Vacancy for : CEO/Organization Development Executive

Existing Date:25-Sept-2019


Under the supervision of President, the CEO/Organizational Development Director is responsible for building and growing its capacity to have the greatest impact according to its mission and vision. In addition, the position also requires interpreting the vision and mission of ORCD into practical actions. The CEO /organizational development (OD) Executive position which is seconded by ORCD acts as organizational development liaison and in the meantime an executive member of to the organization's leadership and facilitates the organization's initiatives across the organization. The CEO/OD manager plans, develops, implements and administers HR programs for ORCD Canada. This position is also responsible for development and integration of human resource programs and associated projects to achieve strategic business goals and operational objectives so that ORCD Canada which is recently established become fully functional non-profit organization.

Job Type

Full Time

Specific Responsibilities

• Provide direction and leadership in the development of organization.
• Replicate the lessons learned and best practices from low income countries with successful experience and adopt them for ORCD-Canada;
• Develop, implement, and support the professional development plans for the key staff and volunteers of ORCD-Canada;
• Facilitate strategic planning exercises and will ensure that ORCD has a strategic plan in place;
• Conduct the capacity assessment of ORCD, identify gaps and develop action plans for improvement;
• Develop policies, guidelines and standard operating procedures, and refine them based on the lessons learned and best practices;
• Provide facilitative leadership in the assessment of board and organizational capacity and work with board leadership on building and enhancing development process;
• Provide on-site and off-site support and technical assistance to ORCD-Canada, in self-sustaining its operations.
• Write project proposals and actively involved in exploring new projects and funding opportunities for ORCD Canada.
• To represent ORCD Canada to governmental or non-governmental (external and internal) organizations.
• Negotiate contracts and MoUs on behalf of ORCD Canada as authorized by the President.
• Providing secretariat support of the board meetings of ORCD Canada.

Minimum Requirements

1. Master’s degree or equivalent degree in international public health (MPH).
2. Possess business acumen, critical evaluation skills, ethical practice and global and cultural awareness.
3. At least 10 to 15 years of experience in higher management level of national and international organizations with knowledge and experience about the dynamism of establishing NGO (experience of successful rolling out and establishment of non-profit business having an annual turnover of more than USD 5,000,000 over any of the last three years).
4. High computer skills and knowledge.
5. Fluent in English.
6. High technical and financial management skills and knowledge.
7. To have high skills of leadership, having good reputation and being renowned person.

How to Apply

Send a brief cover letter and your CV to the following email address: Or