As the newest ORCD affiliate, ORCD Canada will be looking to conduct projects like these which have been undertaken by earlier affiliates.


Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)/World Bank

Name of Project

Provision of Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in Ghazni Province (Cluster 1)

Amount of Funding

Approximately USD 8,000,000

Dates of Funding


01 July 2016


30 June 2018

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of the project is to provide basic health services to total 663,900 population through 14 Comprehensive Health Centers (CHCs), 21 Basic Health Centers (BHCs), 4 Sub Health Centers and 535 Health Posts.
The project also aims at training 24 persons as Community Health Nurses for the province


Providing all components of primary health care services as outlined in the Basic Package of Health Services document
Capacity building and training of health workers on various topics
Strengthening community-based health care
Strengthening the quality of health services and referrals
Establish Community Health Nursing Education Program in the province

Coverage area

Ghazni Province